Legislation & Regulations

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Current Legislation

This link will take you to the legislation that created ETP in 1983 and all revisions since then, Unemployment Insurance Code (UIC) sections 10200 thru 10217.

There is related legislation at UI code sections 976.6, 1610, 1611, and 1611.5.

Current Regulations

This link will take you to a print version of the current regulations at Title 22. California Code of Regulations, as modified from the official source for printing purposes. These regulations are enacted by the Panel and revised as needed to interpret the legislation.

  • Select ETP Regulations (print ready) Please note: you can "save as" with this .pdf document and keep it as an electronic file and be able to use the easy search and find function.

For more detail, please visit the official source ETP Regulations on the Office of Administrative Law website.