Rulemaking: Notice of Proposed Changes to ETP’s regulation 22 CCR 4416


Preliminary Rulemaking Activity – ETP submitted a Notice of Proposed Action package to the Office of Administrative Law regarding updates to its regulation 22 CCR 4416, and are accepting written comments from the public about the proposed changes.

Any interested person, or his or her authorized representative, may submit written comments relevant to the proposed action to update ETP’s regulation 22 CCR 4416 to ETP. The comment period begins Friday, September 8, 2023, and ends Monday, October 23, 2023, which will satisfy the 45-day public comment period requirement. ETP will only consider comments received by ETP during the above-stated timeline. Written comments may be submitted to or to Employment Training Panel, Attention Michael Cable, 1100 J Street, Fourth Floor, Sacramento, CA 95820.

CA Register 9-8-23
ETP Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: 4416 NAICS Code Updates
ETP Initial Statement of Reasons: 4416 NAICS Code Updates