Planning Your Training

Helpful Hints with Training

Before developing your application, we strongly recommend that you consider the following issues when planning your training program. This questionnaire has been prepared by staff to assist you in the planning process.

Evaluating Your Training Needs

  • Is your company implementing a change in the future that requires new skills on the part of a large group of employees?

  • Is your company facing a problem which is due to a lack of skills across the workforce?

  • Have you assessed what new skills or knowledge are needed?

  • Does the company have someone on staff who can perform an assessment of your company’s training needs? If not, who will perform the assessment?

  • If you hire a consultant to plan your training program, does the consultant’s plan meet your company needs?

  • What do you expect the ETP-funded training to accomplish?

About Your Training Courses (Curriculum)

  • Do you know of specific courses or training topics that are critical to your company’s success and future needs?

  • Are these specific courses geared to specific groups of workers?

  • Is your company introducing new skills or technologies? If so, what types of new or changed information/skills will employees need to work with this new process or technology?

  • Do you have someone on staff that can prepare an outline of topics or a curriculum?

  • Do you have someone on staff who can administer the training program?

Training Providers

  • Do you have qualified persons on your payroll to deliver all or some of the training, or do you need to hire someone from outside?

  • If you are considering a training vendor, have you surveyed other companies that have used that vendor?

Company Commitment to Training

  • Is there a strong commitment from top management, line supervisors and staff in support of a formal training effort?

Resources to Help Your Company Plan its Training Program

If you have any general questions concerning ETP, you may phone one of ETP’s Regional Offices. Employees of the State of California can not recommend specific consultants or training vendors.



Training Curriculum

The Panel funds job-related vocational skills training for businesses creating new jobs or retraining current workers. The plan for achieving training goals is outlined in a Curriculum identifying the following:

Please review the sample curriculum as an example.