Administration Responsibility

Contractors are responsible for administering ETP-funded training projects. These administrative responsibilities include:

  • Providing appropriate training facilities

  • Scheduling classes

  • Providing qualified instructors (internal, vendor, or both)

  • Enrolling all trainees

  • Maintaining all training class rosters

  • Tracking and recording all training hours

  • Invoicing ETP for reimbursement

Reimbursement is made only for trainees who complete their training hours and remain employed full-time for the required retention period (generally 90 calendar days).

Technical Assistance

Your company or entity will be assigned an ETP Analyst, who meets with the contractor’s personnel at intervals throughout the two-year term of the Contract. The Analyst’s duties include helping each contractor maintain the required record-keeping, reporting, and invoicing. During visits or by telephone, the Analyst will also provide technical assistance in the use of ETP’s Management System. ETP works to provide the assistance necessary for a successful training project.