Cal-E-Force User Hub

System Enhancements 

ETP will be providing new features within the system on a regular basis. The Cal-E-Force team will continually provide updates on these enhancements on this page and through email announcements.  

Announced: May 27, 2022

Effective May 26, 2022, enhancements have been incorporated in Cal-E-Force in order to collect County Information. 

For Applications: 

  • Multiple Employer Contractor Applications will be asked to indicate the cities and counties of Participating Employers. 
  • The system will populate the County information based off of the zip code entered under the Affiliates & Location section of the Application for Single Employers. 

Announced: May 12, 2022

Effective May 13, 2022, an additional enhancement will be added to the Cal-E-Force system. The Contracts list will default to ‘All Active Contracts’ for easy access to currently ‘Executed’ and ‘Pending Execution’ Contracts. 

To view all contracts, you may change the list view by using the down arrow next to the list view. 

Announced: May 6, 2022

This is an informational announcement for enhancements to the Cal-E-Force system to prevent trainees from concurrently enrolling, and to bring ETP into compliance with our Legislation and Regulations. The system will now notify you with messages to meet compliance.

Announced: May 5, 2022

Effective May 5, 2022, two additional enhancements will be added to the Cal-E-Force system.

Updated ‘Trainee Already Enrolled’ Error message to clarify whether an trainee already exists within their contract or within a different contract.
Cal-E-Force will validate that trainee’s training hours do not conflict with their prior contract training or retention dates.

Announced: April 14, 2022

Effective April 15, 2022, an additional enhancement will be added to the Update Rosters area of Cal-E-Force based on Stakeholder recommendations. Users will now have the ability to search and edit trainee hours by Employee ID and/or Trainee Name.