Program Updates

Updates and changes on aspects of ETP’s program will be posted below, please continue to check back on this page for future updates. Past updates are archived at the bottom of this page by fiscal year. For questions on program updates please contact ETP’s Economic Development Unit: (916) 327-5258 or

Out-of-State Training Vendor Justification (Posted: 2/27/24)

Applicants/Contractors requesting to use an “Out-of-State” Training Vendor/Subcontractor must provide Justification for the ETP Panel to Approve/Deny. 

An Out-of-State Vendor is defined in ETP Regulation 4421.  The Panel may authorize reimbursement for the cost of services provided by an out-of-state vendor which does not have a California office and employees only if the Panel finds that such services are unique to the need of the employer or contractor and unavailable in California. This applies to ALL contract types and must be presented at a Panel Meeting. For alternative funded projects, please refer to the guidelines for each alternative program. 

This was presented at the August, 2023 Policy Committee meeting, where it was decided that ETP would adhere to Regulation 22 CCR 4421. 

Effective: January 1, 2024  

Removal of Retrainee Job Creation (Posted: 1/30/2024)

Background: At the January 26th, 2024 Panel meeting, the Panel voted to remove ETP’s Retrainee Job Creation (RJC) program. 

Effective: 1/26/2024