Eligible Entities

ETP can contract directly with the following entities:

Under its core program, ETP can only fund training for employers that are subject to paying the Employment Training Tax. The core-funded ETP Program is supported by this tax.

Single Employers subject to the Unemployment Insurance tax and having a California Employer Account Number (CEAN) with a prefix of 699 or lower;

Groups of Employers, including Chambers of Commerce, Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees, Trade Associations or Economic Development Corporations;

Training Agencies include the following educational institutions:

  • Community College or Community College District
  • University or University foundations
  • Adult School
  • Regional Occupational Program
  • Private training agency with at least a two year history of providing training and placement services to the public, and appropriate certification (see right).

Workforce Development Boards (WDB) (formerly Workforce Investment Boards) with the approval of appropriate local elected officials in the local workforce investment areas. The current EDD One-Stop Career Center Listing provides a list of Workforce Development Boards located throughout California; and

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Grant Recipients or WIA Administrative Entities selected pursuant to the federal Workforce Investment Act of 1998, with the approval of the local Workforce Development Board and the appropriate local elected officials. The current EDD Local Workforce Investment Area Listing of One-Stop Career Centers represents a list of WIA Grant Recipients and Administrative Entities located throughout California.

If you are an individual seeking training or job placement services, you may contact the Employment Development Department, Job Services for information on employment opportunities.

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Training Agency Certification

The Employment Training Panel has adopted guidelines to be used in making eligibility determinations for funding training by private post-secondary schools (Training Agencies). See summary of Training Agency Certification guidelines.

The determination of funding eligibility will be made by ETP during pre-application, with reference to these guidelines. (See also Unemployment Insurance Code Section 10210 and Title 22, California Code of Regulations Section 4400(z).