About ETP’s DocuSign

As of 2020, ETP has deployed the use of DocuSign with ETP Contracts and Modifications allowing contractors to electronically sign documents. Additional functions of ETP workflows that require signature will be added to DocuSign over time and will also be integrated with the Cal-E-Force system.

If you have any questions please review the DocuSign FAQ’s below. 

DocuSign Frequently Asked Questions 

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is an electronic signature service that allows ETP to collect and manage secure digital signatures for our documents and contracts. By using DocuSign, ETP will be able to streamline the signature process, while also eliminating the need to mail paper documents.

How do I use DocuSign?

DocuSign is easy to use with built in prompts for signing. If you would like a better idea of what signing in DocuSign is like, please see this video: Signing a document with DocuSign

Who do I contact if I have DocuSign Questions?
  • Questions regarding your contract can be sent to your assigned analyst.
  • Questions regarding the particular DocuSign sent to you, please reply back to the DocuSign email sent to you.
  • For any technical errors within DocuSign please contact Madison Hummel Madison.Hummel@etp.ca.gov
How do I know who sent me this document?

The notification email you received contains the name and email address of the sender. If you would like to contact the sender, please use the email address included in the notification or reply back to the message. 

Can I reassign a document for someone else to sign?

Yes the signatory may be reassigned. The user doing the reassigning won’t be able to pre-fill out fields for the signatory; the information in the fields does not carry over when the contract is reassigned. Please review DocuSign’s guide on Changing Signing Responsibility 

Why do I keep getting notifications & how do I stop these?

If you are getting notification emails it means the DocuSign envelope still needs to be signed. Double check your DocuSign and complete the signing process. This will end the email notifications.

*note you will receive one final email from DocuSign once the document is fully signed, in the attachment you will see all completed signatures (including yours).

What do I do if the information in the DocuSign sent to me is incorrect?

If the information within your contract is incorrect please contact your assigned ETP monitoring analyst. The contract with incorrect information will be voided through DocuSign (you will receive an automated email from DocuSign when this is completed). You will then receive another email from DocuSign with the correct contract information. When a DocuSign is voided, all prior signatures are not saved, the process starts over from the beginning and all signers will need to sign again.

Why did my DocuSign expire?

Some DocuSign envelopes have a pre-set expiration date, if all of the signatures assigned to the document are not completed within that timeframe the DocuSign will expire and automatically void.

Why is my DocuSign Being Voided?

DocuSign envelopes can be voided for a number of reasons. Sometimes ETP Staff must manually void a DocuSign because signature information is incorrect. In addition, DocuSign envelopes can be automatically voided if they expire. The reason for the voided envelope will be included in the body of the email sent from DocuSign. 

Can I edit the Pre-filled out DocuSign information?

Generally, most contracts are locked from editing. Contracts sent from ETP’s Contract Review Unit are locked from editing. If the information within your contract is incorrect please contact your assigned ETP monitoring analyst.