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ETP provides funds to California employers through two streams of systems, ETP’s Cal-E-Force (Contract & Alternative Funds) and Cal-E-Grants (Grant Funds). These services are operated separately with their own set of requirements and will need to be applied for individually.  ETP encourages eligible employers to apply for all available funding types. More information on the types of funding are provided below.




Contract & Alt Funds

ETP Contract Funds are funded by the Employment Training Tax paid by California employers, and is a performance-based reimbursement for the cost of training. ETP also receives additional one-time Alternative Funds for various programs. When available, these funds can be applied for through the same system as Contract Funds.

More Info for Contract & Alt Funds


ETP receives funding to support a number of Grants that aim to contribute to the development of a healthy California economy. Each Grant has its own set of parameters and timeframes. Eligible users are welcome to apply for multiple grants along with core funding.

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