Reimbursement Rates

The Fixed-Fee Reimbursement Rates are used to determine the amount of funding ETP will reimburse the Contractor for each person trained and retained on the job after the completion of training. It is a flat hourly rate inclusive of training and administrative costs based on training delivery methods (e.g. Class/Lab, E-learning, Productive Lab, Computer-Based Training (CBT)) and type of training (e.g. computer skills; manufacturing skills).

ETP’s fixed-fee reimbursement rates are meant to simplify and expedite contracting by allowing virtually all types of training to fall under the available rates.

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Latest Press Release

Employment Training Panel Approves Cannabis Industry Application Procedures

The Panel announced that it will now accept and consider cannabis industry applications from licensed businesses. ETP will process applications for training contracts using the same eligibility requirements currently used for all companies seeking funding. The Panel will also ensure regulatory compliance of valid, current and active cannabis-related licenses from the Bureau of Cannabis Control; the California Department of Food and Agriculture; and the California Department of Public Health’s Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch.

Published: August 27, 2019