Small Business

ETP prioritizes small business training and is an essential resource for small employers who otherwise may have no means to train their workers. About three-fourths of all businesses served by ETP employ 250 or fewer workers; and as many as one-third employ only 20 or fewer workers

ETP serves small employers in two ways: 1) direct contracts with single employers, and 2) multiple employer contracts (MECs) with employer consortia, joint apprenticeship training councils, trade associations, and training agencies that train workers of multiple employers.

Current key efforts in serving small businesses include:

  • Small Business Program (SBP) — To facilitate direct small business contracts, SBP provides up to “see Funding Limitations” in training cost reimbursements for small businesses with 100 or fewer employees in California, but no more than 250 worldwide. SBP contracts are streamlined and expedited, training hours may range from 8 to 60 hours of instruction, and small business owners may be trained, along with their employees. Modifications to standard contract requirements are allowed. Click here to see the sample Small Business Contract.
  • MEC Entrepreneurial Training — ETP funds entrepreneurial training for small businesses owners, equipping them with the tools necessary to successfully run their business. Training consists of business management and other related skills for employers with at least one but less than ten employees. Click here to see the sample MEC Entrepreneurial Contract.
  • Higher Training Reimbursement Rate — The Panel provides a higher training reimbursement rate for small businesses with 100 or fewer employees in California. The higher reimbursement rate is applicable in direct contracts with single employers and MEC contracts serving multiple small business.
  • Training Opportunities with a MEC — A Small Business can also participate in a standard MEC, and thereby reduce the cost of administration.