Sam Rodriguez, Speaker of Assembly Appointee

Sam Rodriguez has over 20 years experience in public policy at the national and state levels. He is currently the California State Director for Government Affairs for Comcast. As the California Director, he successfully pursued an agenda that provided an economic platform to help stabilize the workforce and continue new investments in technology to foster growth in a highly competitive market.

He has excelled in developing new programs and managing complex systems that enhance access and availability to economically disadvantaged communities. During his tenure at the U.S Department of Energy, he developed a Community College Science Institute the first of its kind and received recognition from the Harvard School of Government for Innovation. He was also the editor of DOE’s ‘Science in the National Interest’ newsletter highlighting research and development investments in projects related to energy efficiency, transportation and renewables.

At the State level, he was instrumental in the creation of the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency and spearheaded the integration of technology to better serve employers and job seekers. He developed the “Technology for Teachers Initiative” for interested engineers and network managers who were eligible to be science and math educators for K-12 schools.

Sam has also served at the highest levels for President Bill Clinton and Senator John Kerry when they ran for President respectively.

He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas with a B.A. in Government and Politics and lives with his family in San Francisco.