Rick Smiles, Governor Appointee

Rick Smiles started working in the construction industry in 1979. Since 1995 Rick has been a proud Union Laborer and Labor Representative in San Diego, as well as a licensed real estate agent helping working families achieve their dreams of both working and owning a home throughout the Southern California region. Continuing his passion for supporting and protecting the Laborers’ Union, their rights, and their mission, in 2010 Rick was elected Vice President of Laborers Local 89. In 2013 Rick Smiles was elected President of Laborers’ Local 89, a position which he still holds today along with proudly serving as a field representative for the Southern California District Council of Laborers. In May of 2018 Rick has been married 27 years. He has two children; his daughter graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree from San Diego State University this spring and his son is a licensed Real Estate Agent and Laborers’ Local 89 member.