Delegation Order Updates

July 20, 2017
Sacramento – 

Due to the July 2017 Panel Meeting’s cancellation, proposals that were set to be reviewed at the July Panel meeting with a contract amount between $50K and $100K (that would otherwise be on Consent Calendar for July) will also now be approved via Delegation Order.


Delegation Order Contract Amount Change

June 13, 2017

At the May 24, 2017 Panel Meeting, the Panel amended the maximum contract amount for the Delegation Order review process.  For Single Employers (including Small Business) proposals whose contract amounts are $50,000 or less can be reviewed via Delegation Order process. This process allows delegated authority to the Executive Director to approve projects on a flow basis. This process recognizes the need for just-in-time training, and reduces or eliminates the need for a Consent Calendar. This change from $100,000 to $50,000 is effective July 2017.  Revisions to a Contract may be approved via Delegation Order provided the total dollar amount of the contract does not exceed $50K.