General Info For ETMS

The Employment Training Management System (ETMS) is ETP’s web-based contracting system which accepted applications from November 1, 2016 – to – September 30, 2017.

Effective October 1st, 2017 all new Applicants are directed to the Legacy System: Apply for Funds

Contractors already in the ETMS system can manage their applications and contracts through ETMS, and utilize this page for help, training tools, videos, user guides and reference cards below.

ETMS Command Center

If you are working in the ETMS System and cannot find the resolution in the reference cards or training videos above, please contact us:

  • Open Monday-Friday 9 AM-4 PM
  • (844) 729-2070

Panel Meeting Dates                   

Need Help?

  • Questions on your Pre-Application? Contact AAU (916) 327-5586
  • Questions on your Application or Contract? Contact a Regional Office in your area.
  • Need system Help (ETMS)? Contact the ETMS Command Center (844) 729-2070
  • For general information and question about ETP's program contact EDU (916) 327-5258