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UPDATE: The following is to apply for new funding contracts. To manage an active contract: log into Cal-E-Force.

Please follow the steps below to apply for funding from the Employment Training Panel.

Step 1: Registration

A simple registration is required including, name, company name, and address. Once this is complete you will receive login instructions via e-mail to be able to complete the Orientation. (If you have previously registered using your current email address, there is no need to re-register).

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Step 2: Orientation

To apply for ETP funding, you must first complete the Orientation, which outlines ETP requirements and processes. If you prefer an in-person or telephone orientation, please contact ETP’s Economic Development Unit (916) 327-5258 or an ETP Regional Office nearest you.

The ETP Economic Development Unit (EDU) will be hosting an interactive orientation for potential contractors. This live session will provide information on how ETP funding works, essential ETP requirements and the contract development process. There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session.

This thirty minute session and Q & A will meet ETP orientation requirements for beginning the application process. This session will be conducted online using GoToMeeting. The session is limited to 25 spaces, so you are encouraged to sign up. If you have any questions you may contact Renee Pierce at (916) 327-5258.

Note: At least one top-level manager must complete the orientation. A third party or subcontractor completing the online orientation on your behalf does NOT satisfy the orientation requirement. A third party may not complete the Preliminary Application on your behalf.

Notice: Your participation in ETP’s Online Orientation is considered a public record and may be made available upon request from the public.

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Step 3: Preliminary Application

Following completion of the Orientation, you may complete a Preliminary Application used to determine basic eligibility to contract with the Panel.

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Step 4: Regional Office Site Visit

If the Pre-Application is determined eligible, you will be contacted by an ETP Regional Office analyst to schedule a site visit at your facility, during which you will review and discuss contracting requirements and be provided a list of documentation required to complete the development of the ETP contract.

Step 5: Application for Funding

Following the site visit, an ETP analyst will assist you in completing the Application for Funding, and work with you to finalize contract terms and conditions, and prepare the final contract for your training proposal.

Step 6: Panel Approval

All training proposals/applications are reviewed and considered for approval by the Panel at regular monthly meetings. You, or a representative of your company, may be required to attend the Panel meeting for a brief presentation and/or to address questions about your proposal.

Step 7: Funded Training Begins

You will be “officially” notified that you may begin training after the Panel approves your training proposal.

Contract Process

A word document to see the contract process as a flowchart.

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Sign Up for a Live Orientation

ETP's Economic Development Unit (EDU) provides live orientations for potential contractors using the GoToMeeting system. Click below to view more information, available dates and to sign up for an Interactive Orientation.