Ali Tweini, Senate President Pro Tempore Appointee

Ali Tweini has been a community activist throughout his adult life. He studied Marketing Management at Los Angeles City College and Cal State University Los Angeles. Tweini will bring his financial acumen, activism and discipline to his work as a Teamster and a community activist. Before joining the University Of California, Los Angeles in 2011, Tweini previously worked in the private sector Health Information field at Cedars Sinai Health System where he received the president’s award in 2000. In addition, he was elected to the Cedars Sinai Federal Credit Union Board where he served as vice president from 2005 to 2013. Since joining UCLA, Tweini has been enthusiastic and highly active as an elected executive board Teamster and activist. Tweini is not only a valuable communications resource for his fellow members, but he is also the political coordinator for Teamsters Local 2010. Tweini believes that an effective community member must be an active citizen of the community and must maintain crucial networks with organizations with common goals. Tweini is an elected board member of the Islamic Center of Southern California, board member of CLUE, board member of SGVCA and a member of Path to positive LA Leadership Circle. He is also a member of Jewish Voice for Peace, Move On, Inter Religious Council of Southern California and Organize for Action. To everyone who knows the indefatigable Mr. Tweini, he is first a devoted father of two adult sons, Aladdin and Said, both of whom hope to follow their father’s example.