Stewart Knox, Executive Director

Mr. Knox brings 20 years of statewide experience working in the Workforce Development, and Economic Development industry to his role of Executive Director. Mr. Knox has been instrumental in transitioning several Workforce Development entities into productive, performance-based and accountable organizations. He has held positions at the entry level, management, and executive levels working within several different functional areas throughout the industry including: Adult Education Teacher; Contract Negotiator; Rapid Response Coordinator; Marketing Team Leader; Temporary Job Creation Operations Manager; Yuba Community College Workforce Development Director; and Executive Director of four workforce investment boards within California Verdugo, North Central Counties Consortium, NoRTEC an 11 county JPA, and San Mateo County Workforce and Economic Development. With his broad multi-functional experience base in a large matrix of managed organizations, Mr. Knox has extensive knowledge of the complex interactions between workforce and economic development.

Mr. Knox has extensive leadership experience and knowledge of organization development concepts and theories, providing him a solid foundation to assess and manage complex organizational issues such as strategic planning, team dynamics, and conflict management. Mr. Knox has a degree in Social Science coupled with twenty years of experience working within the Workforce Development field and Economic Development organizations that enable him to understand organizations from a supplier and customer perspective relative to services provided.

Swearing in of Mr. Knox (on left) as the new ETP Director.