New Pilot Program - CWE


Sacramento -

Career Work Experience (CWE) Pilot Program has been adopted by the Panel at its December meeting. This program is to fund training for at-risk youth while still in school.  The Career Work Experience (CWE) pilot is similar to the Panel’s existing program for At-Risk Youth, except it will reach trainees as young as age 16 (with a work permit).  Training will take place during the Summer months between the Junior and Senior year of high school, and part-time throughout the school year.  Similar to a paid internship, trainees will be placed in jobs while training takes place.  This is considered Special Employment Training (SET) but wage and retention standards must be met for the training funds to be earned. 


CWE is designed to support newly-elected Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s efforts to give a choice of career path to students, other than college.  The initial project will be overseen by the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA), a joint-powers agency of the City and County of Sacramento.  Training will be in partnership with the City School District and is expected to be offered at five campuses in neighborhoods where students face barriers to employment.  As Panel chairman Barry Broad explained:  “This is an exciting new program for us, a chance to help bridge the gap between school and career for kids who lack traditional means of support.”  He noted that Sacramento is an ideal place to launch the pilot because it brings together State, City and County government in one location.  If the pilot is successful, as evaluated after training and placement have occurred, it will be offered statewide. 


A Summary of CWE Guidelines is located under Program Info: Pilots and Guidelines.