May 3, 2022

Sacramento –

ETP Applications Submitted for Fiscal Year 2021/2022 Pending Funding Consideration

Attention ETP Fiscal Year (FY) 21/22 applicants who are pending funding consideration:

Thank you for applying for ETP FY 21/22 funding, ending June 30, 2022. Not all applications will receive funding this FY due to high demand and FY 21/22 priorities. However, ETP plans to roll over all submitted applications and process them according to FY 22/23 priorities. Rolled over applications need not be resubmitted for FY 22/23 funding consideration.

If you wish to withdraw your application please contact

Note: In the future, ETP will be adding an option that will enable applicants who were not funded at the end of a FY to edit their applications in the Cal-E-Force system. This will allow applicants to update and re-submit applications for a subsequent FY without having to complete a new application.