April 5, 2022

Sacramento –

Cal-E-Force News – Cal-E-Force Naming Conventions 

As the Employment Training Panel’s (ETP) Cal-E-Force System continues to evolve to meet business needs, various business initiatives and programs will require the use of an automated solution.  These will be developed within the ETP Salesforce environment that is currently in place. To support this growth, refinement to the naming conventions are needed to differentiate the business function. Below are naming conventions for the application currently being used by ETP and California Workforce Services Board (CWDB) Programs.  

  • Cal-E-Force (CEF) – Main contract management system 
    • Cal-E-Grants (CEG)  – All Grants types for ETP and CWDB including WAF, PFL SB, SEED, etc. 
    • Cal-E-Program (CEP) – Core ETP Funding and Alt Funding 

Thank you, 

Cal-E-Force Team 

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