October 11, 2021

Sacramento –

Cal-E-Force Application Enhancements

Effective October 11, 2021 ETP will deploy enhancements to the ETP Application based on stakeholder feedback.  Please note: Users who have an In-Draft Application will also see these changes. 

Application Enhancements

  • Added clarifying narrative for the Out-of-State Competition optional questions.
  • A required checkbox has been added to the following: Location area, Training Plan, Curriculum, and Occupations screens  -this is to prompt users to complete these sections and aid in a reminder that information needs to be added.
  • Entrepreneurial and Multiple Barriers questions have been removed from the Special Categories section of the Single Employer Application – since these questions do not pertain to Single Employer Applications.
  • Added a Summary areas to calculate Estimated Total trainees and the Estimates Funding Cost to the training plan chart and a disclaimer that these amounts are subject to change during the development process.
  • New User Change: on the Apply For Funds page the new user button has been renamed to “New Company Sign Up”. If your Company is already registered in Cal-E-Force there is a primary contact already assigned to that account. New users for that company will need to be added by that primary contact.
  • Added Alert for Application Information: on the Curriculum, Occupation & Training Plans screens additional text has been added to remind users to add their data prior to completing Application. This is done by selecting the “+” on the screen.

User Support

  • Reference Guides: In support of our application roll out, ETP has completed the Cal-E-Force Application Reference Guides available on our website. See Tabs: General and Application.
  • ETP Application FAQs

More details and documents are available on the Cal-E-Force page.

Changes and enhancements are made to the system after normal business hours. If you have any questions, please email etpcaleforce@etp.ca.gov

About the new Application:

  • It is ONE full application, combining ETP’s Preliminary Application and Application
  • It is online using conditional questions to gather the necessary information
  • Starts a new First-In Intake process

ALERT: Effective September 30th, any Pre-Applications submitted to ETP that have not received an eligibility determination letter by this date must re-apply through Cal-E-Force to apply for Funding.
Prior to this roll-out, training materials and demonstration webinars will be provided, we will announce these demonstrations next week. 

Application Process Update Stages:

ETP’s application process is evolving and will allow for applications to move forward in a timely manner. This effort will be completed in the following stages:

Stage 1 – Effective: May 15, 2021 – Combination of the Online Preliminary Application (Pre-App) and Paper Application.  – Complete

Stage 2 – Effective: September 30, 2021 – One Application in Cal-E-Force. – Complete

Stage 3 – Effective: TBD – Application Questions

  • ETP will continuously review the application to revise questions, if needed, to meet ETP’s strategic plan and Panel objectives. Information on the progress will be provided at future Panel meetings.