February 9, 2021

Sacramento –

Cal-E-Force News

On February 1, 2021, ETP migrated the remaining Single Employer Contracts from the legacy systems to Cal-E-Force! This was a major milestone and means 575 Single Employer contracts are now managed in Cal-E-Force. A importing of “new” single employer contracts will be done on a monthly basis. The only remaining legacy active contracts are for Multiple Employer Contracts (MECs). Migration of these contracts is planned to be completed in March 2021 once he baseline for system deployment is determine. Communications on when this will occur will be shared with the contract holders and supporting ETP staff.   

Completion of work with the Beta Multiple Employer Contract (MEC) stakeholders will occur in February 2021. These participants have had access to the Cal-E-Force System in a controlled environment. Inputs on their experience will be gathered, discussed and prioritized. A needs assessment with the larger MEC stakeholder population was completed in February 2021.  Their inputs will be combined with the Beta MEC stakeholder suggestions and will result in some minor modifications to the Cal-E-Force System.  Inputs will be divided into items necessary for system deployment, items that will be considered for the first few months after system deployment and lastly future items to be considered. It is wonderful to see the excitement for Cal-E-Force and to have ongoing stakeholder involvement in the features of the system.  We have completed the Multiple Employer Contract (MEC) Participating Employer (PE) Certification functionality and it is now part of the Cal-E-Force System.  A few other enhancements have been made and are posted under Enhancements on the General Information page.  

Please watch for emails and additional web postings on upcoming events.