November 5, 2020

Sacramento –

Funding Priority Modifications

In direct response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Employment Training Panel (ETP) has implemented, through the end of the current fiscal year, June 30, 2021, critical modifications to the funding priorities. With limited funding, the Panel faced the difficult decision to only target industry employers who meet the modified priorities. ETP’s current funding priorities are now focused towards Companies identified as critical and in essential industries, within Governor Newsom’s Executive Order:  Executive Order N-33-20 , that are vital to the health and safety of the public, and maintenance of the economy, during the Covid-19 pandemic. A link has been provided to ETP’s targeted applicants, (COVID Response Plan, and COVID-19 Rapid Reemployment & Retraining Pilot), for your convenience.

We appreciate and thank the public for the continued support and interest in our program.  We understand the challenges employers’ confront each day during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, of maintaining a trained and skilled workforce, and remain committed to this mission. Thank you again for your support and interest in ETP.