November 7, 2019

Sacramento –

Cal-E-Force News


Cal-E-Force Release 2.2

ETP continues to release additional functionality for internal users. On November 8, 2019 the last of the financial management components needed for ETP staff has been completed.  With the completion of the financial management in Cal-E-Force and the initial Phase 2 external stakeholder meeting the next phase for Cal-E-Force deployment has officially started.

For external stakeholder you will see some added information on the invoice pertaining to the fiscal analyst and the monitor names. Cal-E-Force has also been modified to allow for a variable Health Benefits amount to be entered during final invoicing. Per Panel approved process, functionality has been added that prevents customers from submitting an invoice once the contract is closed. When they attempt to submit an invoice, the system will alert them that they need to submit an Appeal.

As part of this release ETP will need to refresh the testing and training sites.  If you are still using those sites any data added to learn the system will be lost.  This does not impact production (live) data.

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