July 12, 2019
Sacramento –

Legislative Update

The following proposed bills have a potential impact on, or may be of special interest to the ETP program. Summaries of these bills are provided in the ETP Legislative Memorandum and is available for download here:

Copy of the ETP Legislative Memorandum

AB 74: (Assembly member Phillip Ting) Budget Act of 2019

This bill would make appropriations for the support of state government for the 2019–20 fiscal year. This bill would declare that it is to take effect immediately as a Budget Bill.

Status: 06/15/2019 Enrolled and presented to the Governor at 10:30 a.m.

SB 792: (Committee on Labor, Public Employment and Retirement) Employment Training Panel

Current law establishes the Employment Training Panel within the Employment Development Department and prescribes the functions and duties of the panel with respect to certain employment training programs. Current law relating to the panel references the superseded federal act and refers to the state and local boards by their former names. This bill would update statutory references in provisions relating to the panel to refer to the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014, the California Workforce Development Board, and local workforce development boards.

Status: 06/11/02019 From Printer. May be acted upon on July 11

SB 749 (Senator Maria Elena Durazo) California Public Records Act: trade secrets

Would provide that records relating to wages, benefits, working hours, and other employment terms and conditions of employees working for a private industry employer pursuant to a contract with a state or local agency are public records and shall not be deemed to be trade secrets under the California Public Records Act if the records are prepared, owned, used, or retained by a state or local agency.

Status: 6/18/19 A-JUDICIARY 9 a.m. – State Capitol, Room 437 STONE, MARK, Chair


ETP staff will update this page and document periodically. However, for the most recent versions, or to track the status of these bills, please visit the Official California Legislative Information website.