October 3, 2018
Sacramento –

Legislative Update

The following proposed bills have a potential impact on, or may be of special interest to the ETP program. Brief summaries are provided below and a copy of the ETP Legislative Memorandum can be downloaded here.

ETP staff will update this page periodically. However, for the most recent versions, or to track the status of these bills, please visit the Official California Legislative Information website.

AB 1831 (Committee on Budget) State Government: Appointments: Infrastructure

Summary: Current law specifies the length of terms of appointive members of the Student Aid Commission, except student representatives, the governing body of the California Exposition and State Fair, and the High-Speed Rail Authority as 4 years, and appointive members of the Employment Training Panel as 2 years. This bill would delete the length of terms of the members appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly to the Student Aid Commission, the governing body of the California Exposition and State Fair, the High-Speed Rail Authority, and the Employment Training Panel, and would make conforming changes.

Status: 6/27/18 – Approved by the Governor. Chaptered by Secretary of State – Chapter 43, Statutes of 2018.

AB 2420 (Assembly Member Sharon Quirk-Silva) Workforce Development: Soft-Skills Training

Summary: Current law requires the Employment Training Panel among other things, to solicit proposals and write contracts for the purpose of providing employment training and requires these contracts to be made for training in job-related vocational skills that are necessary for participants to attain a new job or retain an existing job. Current law authorizes the contracts to include ancillary training for job-related basic and literacy training if the panel finds that the training is necessary to achieve the objectives of the vocational training. This bill would specify, with regard to the contracts described above, that job-related basic and literacy skills training includes soft skills and would define “soft skills” as behaviors and competencies to allow people to navigate professional environments, work well with colleagues, and perform up to standards for professional success.

Status: 8/27/18 – Approved by the Governor. Chaptered by the Secretary of State, Chapter 216, Statutes of 2018.

AB 235 (Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell) Apprenticeship and Pre-apprenticeship

Summary: Would establish the Interagency Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship (committee) within the Division of Apprenticeship Standards, and would require that committee to provide advice and guidance to the Administrator of Apprenticeship and the chief on apprenticeship programs, standards, and agreements, as well as pre-apprenticeship, certification, and on-the-job training and retraining programs, in non-building trades industries. The bill would require the membership of the committee to be composed of specified ex officio members of various departments and 6 persons appointed by the Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development who are familiar with specified apprenticeable occupations that meet specified requirements.

Status: 9/22/18 – Approved by the Governor. Chaptered by the Secretary of State. Chapter 704, Statutes of 2018.