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Employment Training Panel Approves $7.5 Million to Train 11,800 Workers

The State of California’s Employment Training Panel announced today it approved 35 contracts worth $7.5 million to train 11,800 workers. In one contract, the panel awarded $54,593 to Andrew Furuseth School of Seamanship to help train 37 workers in the maritime industry. The Andrew Furuseth School of Seamanship, located at the Sailors’ Union of the Pacific headquarters building in San Francisco, was founded in 1942. 

Published: October 30, 2017

Training Curriculum

The Panel funds job-related vocational skills training for businesses creating new jobs or retraining current workers. The plan for achieving training goals is outlined in a Curriculum identifying the following:

  • Type of training
  • Training topics/courses/modules
  • Delivery method (classroom/laboratory, video-conference, or computer-based training)
  • Number of training hours

Please review the sample curriculum as an example.


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